Alexander the Great Essay

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Alexander the Great

In the ancient world there have been several leaders that brought immense glory to their empires but there was one particular leader that marked his legacy on much of the known world at that time. He was Alexander the Great: King of Macedonia, Pharaoh of Egypt and Lord of Persia. Alexander had become the King of Macedonia in 336 BC after his father’s assassination. He led his army to victories across the Persian territories, Syria, Egypt and to some extent India without suffering a single defeat. During his 13 years of reign, Alexander had conquered many empires and leaders in the years to come but, nobody was able to live up to Alexander’s legacy. He was generous to people who surrendered and merciless to
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These findings have an important impact for the broader domain of achieving other’s trust. In addition, after Alexander had married Roxanne, the daughter of a Bactrian noble, he tried to link the customs of Macedonia with the native people’s customs. In the book, Alexander the Great, Keyne Cheshire stated, “Alexander continued to model his own way of life increasingly on the native customs to link with Macedonian traditions, for he thought that mixed customs and common feelings would establish behaviour founded on goodwill better than force would…” In other words, Keyne Cheshire suggests that Alexander had married Roxanne to strengthen the bond among the natives and Macedonians. Alexander had linked the customs because he was aware that this technique would be more effective then forcing the people to follow his culture and customs. Keyne Cheshire’s claims are relevant because by showing importance to their culture it will allow the natives to know that Alexander is trustworthy. Even more importantly, this will lead to a stronger and efficient empire. Military strategy is a concept that includes a set of ideas placed by military organizations to pursue desired strategic goals. Military strategist is not a modern concept; in fact it has been
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