Alexander the Great Essay

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Alexander the Great was born in June, 356 BCE in the ancient capital of Macedonia called Pella. He was the son of Philip II, King of Macedon and Olympia, Princess of Epirus. Alexander inherited his father’s excellent organization skills and his mother’s hot temper. When Alexander was a young boy his mother had taught him that Achilles was his ancestor and that his father is a descendant from Hercules. This inspired Alexander to learn the Iliad by heart and always carry with him. Alexander showed signs of fearlessness and strength at a very early age. He tames the horse Bucephalus, which was a horse that nobody touched or rode. Later in his life Alexander rode Bucephalus to India, where it died. He then built the city of Bucephalus on the…show more content…
     In the spring of 336 BCE Alexander learned that the people of Thebes revolted and called for the people of Athens to join them. Soon after hearing this Alexander gathered his army and appeared before the people of Thebes and took over the city. Alexander and his army destroyed everything except the temples of the gods and a Greek poet named Pindar’s house. The estimated 8,000 inhabitants still alive were sold into slavery by Alexander. In 334 BCE he carried out a successful campaign against the Persians. He crossed the Hellepont with an army of 35,000 Macedonian and Greek troops. At the Granicus River, near the ancient city of Troy, he attacked over 44,000 Persians successfully. According to ancient tradition, Alexander was said to have lost only 110 men. Following this battle Alexander took control of all Asia Minor. While Alexander passed through Phrygia, he cut the Gordian knot. The Gordian knot was tied by Gordius, the ancient King of Phrygia. The prophecy behind the knot was that it was to be undone by the person who was to rule Asia. In 332 BCE Alexander took control of Tyre, a heavily fortified seaport. He continued to seize Gaza as well as Egypt and therefore secured his holds on the eastern Mediterranean coast. At the mouth of the Nile Rive, Alexander founded Alexandria. Alexandria would later become the commercial, literary, and scientific center of the Greek world. In the
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