Alexander the Great Essay

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Alexander the Great, son of King Philip II of Macedonia, underwent a journey of overwhelming odds. Alexander led his army through multiple victories across the Persian territories of Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt without the agony of a single defeat. A noteworthy battle of Alexander was the Battle of Gaugamela in 331 B.C.E. The Battle of Gaugamela is significant because it ended Darius’s rule over Persia. [new par.] There are several forces and factors that contribute in making Alexander the Great superior as a leader. Alexander’s battlefield achievement is a result of his early prestige education and upbringing. Privately tutored by Aristotle, an epic Greek philosopher and scientist, Alexander was educated in philosophy, ethics, politics,…show more content…
Alexander’s education experience served as a vessel taking him away from the troubles at home. Alexander was lucky to have Aristotle as his guru. It is here, in his education, where Alexander learned the basic fundamentals for becoming and to think like strong intellectual leader. Lessons taught by Aristotle helped Alexander deal with a myriad of subjects such as politics, morals, and military strategy. An important lesson depicting the theory of how all in the world were barbarians, except the Greeks, explains Alexander’s drive to conquer. According to Aristotle he “believed slavery to be a natural institution, and equally that all ‘barbarians’ (i.e. non-Greeks) were slaves by nature.” Aristotle’s lesson on barbarians helps explain where Alexander’s conquistador mindset derived from. According to contemporary historians “In 335 Alexander marched north to impose his authority over Balkan neighbors, demonstrating strategic skills, tactical resourcefulness in response to sudden challenges, and a desire to surpass all previous achievements.” The word ‘authority’ channels the type of attitude Alexander had during his military journey --- a strong leader’s attitude. Alexander, passionate of Homer’s classic the Iliad, was fond of Achilles, a heroic Greek in the Trojan War who is known to be the greatest warrior in Homer’s Iliad. Alexander enjoyed many of the characteristics demonstrated by Achilles, which
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