Alexander the Great and his Great Empire Essay

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Alexander the Great is remembered as a conquering man who built one of the largest empires. Some describe him as a man with a vision of world harmony. Others see him as a blood thirsty man with a mental illness. One thing that cannot be argued is that he and his empire are fascinating studies. From his rise to power to his mysterious death is interesting, but even after he died the story is fascinating. Due to his death, his empire was divided and a long power-struggle began starting with his generals. Each account has its own story of war and betrayal. These days must have been hard for those in power; they never knew who they could trust. Only the ones who were skilled in the strategy of war and ruthless enough to maintain their power…show more content…
Perdiccas would become Regent of all the empire and Meleager would be his lieutenant. However, Perdiccas had Meleager arrested and murdered and took full control. The Generals of Alexander who supported Perdiccas were given parts of the Empire in the partition of Babylon. This sparked later wars between them which are known as the wars of the Diadochi (which means “successors”). Ten years earlier in 333 BC Alexander conquered Egypt and was regarded by the people as a liberator or a deliverer. At this time he also established Alexandria which became the capital of Egypt for many years. Alexander left Clemonenes of Naucratis as nomarch of the Arabian district of Egypt. Clemones was a dishonest man who did anything for money. He cheated his own soldiers out of a month’s pay. He made money by taking advantage of the people and even used their superstitions to earn money at their expense. He held his position until Ptolemy arrived in Egypt. Ptolemy was the son of Arsinoe of Macedon and his father is unknown. Some ancients described him as an illegitimate son of Philip II of Macedon; if true this would make him a half brother to Alexander the Great. He was one of Alexander’s most trusted generals. He was also a close friend since childhood.
After the death of Alexander, Ptolemy was appointed Satrap by Perdiccas during the partition of Babylon. Clemonenes was left as hyparch under him. Ptolemy was not fond of Perdiccas; He later
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