Alexander the Great: the Man, the Life, the Legacy Essay example

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Alexander the Great: The Man, the Life, the Legacy History is full of remarkable characters. Whether they were noble or unrepentant in their actions those were what made them immortal through our recorded history. One such character is Alexander the Great. Some have accused him as a drunken killer who wanted only to have the world under his rule. Others deem him as a kind-hearted man who wanted to better the world by spreading the culture of his people. The decision of what is in the right and what is feigning depends foremost on the sources and information being analysed. After much researching, Alexander the Great’s personality has been evaluated and the extent to which his actions shaped and changed the society in which they lived…show more content…
His legacy still lives on because he stopped at nothing to achieve his goals for himself, his men, his culture, and the rest of the world. From the ages of antiquity and to the present, Alexander is described as a military genius. His accomplishments in the art of war were and still are astounding. Hannibal, Caesar, Frederick, and Napoleon studied his military methods thoroughly and all admitted that without the knowledge they gained from Alexander the Great they would have never been able to accomplish what they did. From one great leader, Napoleon, we hear, “Make offensive war like Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar … read and re-read the history of their campaigns. Model yourself on them … that is the only way to become a great captain.” His countless sucesses were invariable, whether he fought against disciplined, highly trained troops or guerilla bands of wild hill tribes, on plains or on mountains, deserts, ravines, marshes or rivers, winter snow or burning sun; weather and darkness were not obstacles. Alexander never wasted time. He always arrived before his enemies expected. His men followed him for more than 21,000 miles because they believed he had their best interests in mind. They always counted on him to lead them to victory after victory and he never failed. Alexander the Great also had mastery of politics. It is difficult to retain an empire, especially one as far reaching as Alexander’s,
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