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Alexandra Giambruno
English IV Honors
23 November 2016
Frankenstein is considered a gothic novel that has different elements that combine to create what the story is. The story of Frankenstein has mysterious aspects that help the main character Victor create the monster.
In a gothic novel, there are a ton of abstract thoughts that can be in play pertaining to the type of story that the author creates. Power and Constraint is one point that plays a lot in the novel itself, it all started with the main creator. Victor Frankenstein had the idea to create a monster; he collected body parts and used modern technologies to make an unnatural creature. The novel itself is easy to identify as a gothic from the …show more content…

Victor being excited about seeing his friend, invites him back to his apartment. Henry and Victor enter the apartment to find out that the monster had left, during this time the monster is going to learn things on his own. This by no means was going to be easy in ways of learning heat,cold,searching for food and much more. As the monster was learning on his own, he started stealing food from a old man. One day the old man had saw him searching for food, so the old man had panicked and ran away. This one scene connects to the characteristics by the town’s people are some what entitled to be scared of the monster. The monster now knowing how to do things, is on a warpath searching for Victor. Out from afar he had spotted a young girl, he sees her slips into a stream and it appears that she is on the verge of drowning. When the monster goes to rescue the young girl, the man accompanying her suspects he is attacking her. The man accompanying her shows that he feared the monster and it is in him to do something about it.
Another great showing of this characteristic is when they are on the mountain. A young man and his child were standing on the mountain and from afar they could see a tall dark shadow. Not knowing what it could be entitled him to see fear and feel it. There 's only one character in the novel that doesn’t show fear or horror is De Lacey. He said “It will afford me true pleasure to be in any way serviceable to

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