Alexandra White. March 20, 2017. Mr.Allen. F Period. Dress

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Alexandra White
March 20, 2017
F Period
Dress for success? Or dress for Controversy? Is it better to have students expressing themselves through clothing, or instituting a dress code, hoping they will focus on studies? Many studies have had evidence for both ideas. School dress codes have been controversial ever since teenagers have been interested in fashion. Some people agree with the strict dress codes, and others disagree.
School dress codes date all the way back to the 1920’s. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, today, more than half of the kindergarten through 12th grade schools in America have dress codes. Jo Paoletti, a fashion historian in the University of Maryland says "As long as teenagers
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School dress codes send a loud and clear message, “Your individuality is inconvenient.” (Rowland 22). The constitution guarantees the right to free speech,which can be interpreted as the right to freedom of self expression, and students use clothing to express themselves. Another message that dress codes send is that “the self identity that you want to express does not belong here.” Self expression is not an inconvenience or a distraction, it is the lifeblood of our nation. (Rowland 22). Schools tell students that they should be confident in themselves, but how can they if they cannot express themselves? School dress codes now are more about shielding the boys then protecting the girls which implies that boys are immature. Calling a girl’s clothes distracting is implying that she is at fault for any disruptions. “That 's like saying that because a store has a cash register, it 's the store 's fault if it gets robbed!” (Menza 1). Students are going to be distracted anyways. Sexist dress codes are like saying that an article of clothing, or a body part showing on a female will distract male students from learning. Dress codes should be simple for both genders, everyone should wear clothing that covers up the same area. With dress codes, students are forced to dress the same as other students, taking the individuality out of school, but schools try to send the message, you are individual. Figure 1 shows a strict dress codes for both students and

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