Alfonse Sanchez Character Analysis

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Fairytales are made up stories of struggle and the resolution being a happy ending where the protagonist finds his lover, his treasure or slays a hideous beast. In order for the protagonist to get his happy ending he needs to defeat the antagonist whether it be a dragon, an evil witch, or rotten family members. We see the point of view of this magnificent hero doing these great deeds, but never from the perspectives of the beast. Because of these fairy tales we learn early that things that are different or ugly are bad and we tend to keep these things at arm 's length. Martin Jones is a strange being in the eyes of his peers. He is a young high schooler trying to feel the full experience of youth, but he encounters many adversities due to…show more content…
From then on those two became the closest friends even though they are an odd pair. “Hey Alfonse, be honest. Do you think I could ever attract as many girls as you do?” “Honestly Martin I don’t think you can,” replied Alfonse in a monotoned voice. “Oh Alfonse your honesty is your best quality.” said Martin gleefully “Martin why do you want to attract a bunch of needy girls? Girls are a drag. They always want attention and you to buy stuff for them and hold their heavy bags.” “Gee Alfonse there is more to relationship than just holding bags. You can go on fun dates, have movie nights, and maybe bake cakes.” rambled Martin dreamily. “Really dude, bake cakes? All you ever wanna do is bake a cake.” jokingly replied Alfonse. “But any way, can you give me any tips to finding a potential baking partner?” “Not really I have never really cared trying to gain the affection of anybody.” The next day, Martin and Alfonse was on their way to school. Their usual route takes them from their houses, which are on the same street, to a bridge to cross a fast moving river, and then past their town’s bakery where Martin always insists that they stop and get something. While on their daily route it is obvious that everybody that walks amongst Martin is intimidated because they keep their eyes low and tend to either purposely walk slower or purposely walk faster While they were nearing closer to their school Martin was ogling at the bakery window when in the reflection he sees

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