Alfonso Diaz Of Gnaritus Summary

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Stinguard flaunted his newfound wealth by recently acquiring a Swiss Chalet for skiing holidays and adding an indoor swimming pool to his mansion in Keswick. Additionally, these ill-gotten gains financed Hurpan and Woodford’s profligate spending with the illicit purchase of items such as yachts, holiday villas in the Mediterranean, expensive jewelry, and clothing! Notably, this evidence also reveals three transfers of ten million pounds each directly from Stinguard’s Swiss bank account to those of John Jones-May, Cuthbert Miller, and Ed Kadison! In fact, all six of these accused colluded to profit financially from the launch of the viral vector! In light of these circumstances, we froze these funds pending the outcome of this trial. Thank you, Mr. Stohl. My next witness is Alfonso Diaz of Gnaritus.” A plaintive murmur erupted in the audiences on both planets. Before these revelations, they had faith in the edifices of their society, staunchly believing them to work only for their benefit. Was their society nothing more than a virtual reality created by the World Governing Body? Why had they lived with blinkers on for so long without ever seeing the blatantly obvious injustices and…show more content…
In exasperation, she declared perspicaciously, “Mr. Jones-May, as a matter of fact, you are no longer the Chief Executive Officer of the World Governing Body for that organization is now obsolete. As to your claim of being elected by the world, regrettably the widespread promulgation of disinformation designed to obfuscate and confuse, rather than enlighten the population, made it impossible for them to make educated decisions. It seems that the World Governing Body controlled every aspect of the dissemination of the news for its benefit alone! In case of further interruptions, I will remove you from this court! Please continue, Chief Prosecutor
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