Alfred Adler 's Birth Order Theory

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For the final presentation for this course, I have decided to discuss Alfred Adler’s birth order theory. I essentially decided to choose this topic because I found it extremely intriguing on how someone’s birth order could have a profounding effect on their personality. Also I was able to relate to this topic on a personal level compared to some of the other theories. Meaning, when learning and talking about birth order, as the first born in my family I was able to compare a lot of my traits to the ones described. It was interesting to see a psychologist create an actual theory trying to explain this idea. Which lead me to discuss in my presentation, how Adler developed this particular theory, its contributions to describing personality, and recent research advances. First, I will give a little biography of Adler and explain ow he got into the psychology field. Along with his reasons on focusing on family constellation, and he came to developing this distinct theory. As well as describing what birth order theory which points out the order of which children are born into the family. It mentions how each child possess certain personality traits simply on the order in which someone is born. Second, I will also discuss how this concept continues to have an influence in popular psychology. I will also be mention why this theory is considered to be conversional to some psychologist, and how it affects the research. Lastly, I will be talking about how birth order has impacted the
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