Alfred Adler 's Life And Life

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Alfred Adler was born on February 7, 1897 in the suburbs of Vienna. Adler had two series conditions to as a child that motivated him to be a doctor, by the age of five he had survived rickets and pneumonia. In 1895 he received his medical degree from the University of Vienna, he began his medical career as a ophthalmologist. Adler examined personality and soon rejected Freud 's emphasis on sex and believed personality difficulties deal with a feeling of inferiority coming from restrictions on the individual 's need for self-assertion (Fisher). Josef Rattner wrote a book on Alder 's life titled Alfred Alder (Literature & Life) which was published in 1895. There are three very interesting things in chapter two of this wonderful book are organ inferiority , feeling of inferiority, and striving to superiority. Humans have healthy and full functional organs and some organs are inferior. The quality of organs vary a great deal. These inferior organs manifests them self in anomalies of location, form, or function. This usually means an increased susceptibility to diseases which tends to attack places with low resistance. A study on organ inferiority by Adler shows the connection between organ inferiority and fate in life. This study also show genetics is a factor which means they are transmissible and certain organ problems can be traced through generations. Organ inferiorities constitute a burden on the organism. Self-assertion is bound to affect the inferior organs more
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