Alfred Adler's Accomplishments

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Alfred Adler, an eventual world renowned psychologist, would begin his life in Vienna, Austria. He was born on February 7th, 1870 into a large family that consisted of seven children and both parents. In his childhood years, Adler was considered a popular child and average student. He was active and competitive with his older brother, Sigmund. Adler had decided his occupation early in life after overcoming rickets and surviving pneumonia at age four. Young Alfred had decided to become a physician. His special interests included the subjects of psychology, sociology, and philosophy. However, this career path would not be so easy for the eager child. He started out as an ophthalmologist once he obtained his medical degree in 1895 from the University of Vienna. As an ophthalmologist, he spent his time working in “the branch of…show more content…
He received an invitation to meet with psychologist Sigmund Freud. This was the man who later became known for his strange Freudian theories. Adler would meet with Freud, Rudolf Reitler, and Wilhelm Stekel for their “Wednesday Night Meetings.” This grew into the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, founded in 1912, with Adler as the first president. Freud would claim Adler as one of his disciples, a follower of his Freudian beliefs, though the man did not see himself this way. Although Alfred would agree with Sigmund on some points, he had his fair share of disagreements. This would lead to his secession from the group in 1911. His views on sociology and psychology differed too much from Freud’s emphasis on sexuality. Truly, Freud and Adler had a lot of immense differences. The first began with self; is a person entirely one individual, or divisible into parts? In the eyes of Sigmund Freud, a person could be broken into pieces. They have little say in how they develop as a person. To Adler, a person is entirely whole. The person himself is held responsible for who they
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