Alfred Hitchcock Identity And Identity

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The greatest art in films is by the means of the ability to create an emotion in the viewers of the film and by the means of and imagery. Alfred Hitchcock, for long time, has been a household name since he began filmmaking. Hitchcock has been able to accumulate a well known and distinct cinematic techniques making him stand out as one of the best filmmakers around the globe. What makes Hitchcock’s films ‘must watch’ movies are how he draws his viewers’ emotion and leave them in suspense (Maher 246). Hitchcock’s The Birds is an American horror-film dropped in 1963. The film is loosely based on the 1952 story of Daphne Du Maurier and focuses on a sudden series, unexplained powerful and violent birds attacking the people of Bodega Bay (Maher 247). In this movie, the fact that viewers do not get to know the details of the birds makes it an interesting but a suspense film, which evokes thoughts of the audience to know much about the birds. On the other hand, Identity, which was directed by James Mangold in 2003, revolves around the life of ten people who seeks refuge in an isolated motel when a vicious storm breaks out in the desert of Nevada (Falsafi, Khorashad, and Khorashad 2521). As they seek refuge, a serious murderer, Taylor Vince awaits his execution for killing a group of motel guests. This paper, using terminology resources and cinematic techniques, seeks to expatriate the similar technique styles adopted in the two films to enhance suspense. The cinematic techniques
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