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Alfred Hitchcock's film Psycho Psycho, by Alfred Hitchcock, was shocking for its time. Made in the 1960's when film censorship was very tight to today's standards, Hitchcock pushed the limits of what could be shown and did with psycho things that had never been done before. The cinematic art, symbolism and sub-conscious images in this film were brilliant for the time and still are now. Realised for this, psycho has been copied in many ways and the things that made it great have become very clichéd. From the very first scene in psycho, it is clear that the viewer will be sucked into the world of Marion Crane and Norman Bates. The opening shot is an aerial shot from the sky, pausing momentarily and…show more content…
Taxidermy is a very big part of the film, it hints to the ending, creates a scary atmosphere, describes Norman's character and is used before something evil happens. The stuffed birds prey down on Norman and seem to haunt him (as his mother does). They mirror the way the dark, gloomy, gothic house watches over the hotel and also how Mother psychologically watches over Norman, this creates suspense as the audience wonder how he will use the tension he is building up. Another example is when Arbogaust gets killed and when Norman is taking his mother downstairs, we watch over this scene from the top corner, as the birds do in Norman's office this implies that Norman is haunted by something watching over him. These examples foreshadow the ending of the film and the real situation between Norman and Mother. The music builds a lot of tension and suspense in psycho, it tells us that something is going to happen very soon and we get prepared for it, the lack of music can make a scene seem calm and normal, which then contrasts with the loud scary music that starts quickly as the scary part happens. The audience are unprepared and scared. An example of this in the famous shower scene where Marion is killed. This is my favourite scene as every symbol is shown so obviously and we know exactly what is going to happen and yet we are powerless to stop it, the
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