Alfred Kinsey Essay

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Kara Duenas
January 27, 2013
2nd period
A.P. Psychology
Mrs. Gatewood

Alfred Kinsey was born in New Jersey on June 23, 1894 to Alfred Kinsey and Sarah Charles. As a young boy he suffered many illnesses such as rheumatic fever and typhoid. In high school, he began his interest in biology and botanical studies with the influence of his teacher. He started his career in biology as a zoologist and entomologist but later found interest in sexology. His parents were very religious therefore not agreeing with his choice of career. Due to this he considered his father’s wishes by studying engineering but decided that he was better off with biology. In 1919 Kinsey graduated from Harvard with a Doctor of Science degree and joined Indiana
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In particular, the book reported that extramarital and premarital sex were more frequent than generally believed; that nearly all males, especially teenagers, masturbated and that masturbation did not cause mental illness; and that one in three men reported having at least one homosexual encounter.
Alfred Kinsey focused all his research on the following topics: anal sex, bisexuality, coitus, erogenous zones, extramarital sex, fantasy, foreplay, homosexuality, masturbation, nudity, oral sex, orgasm, peak performance/maximum sexual activity, premarital sex and sadomasochism.
There are little studies shown in the original Kinsey Studies regarding anal sex. He reported, among the male homosexual, occasional individuals brought to orgasm anally and for females, Kinsey said that good incidence data was not available. Kinsey found that bisexuality is more frequent in males then in females but believed that because a male and a male engage in sexual activity does not mean they are homosexual.
Kinsey spent most of his time researching and studying sex that he did not have time for his wife. He began having sexual affairs with children and experimented to deepen his studies and knowledge about sexual behaviors. “Kinsey's work has been instrumental in advancing acceptance of pornography, homosexuality, abortion, and condom-based sex
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