Alfred Lord Tennyson As A Master Of Poetic Rhythm

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All five poets in this essay have experience some form of personal, psychological or physical conflict in their lives. Poet Laureate, Alfred Lord Tennyson was one of the most celebrated and respected poets during the Victorian era. He was hugely influenced by Romantic poets and created powerful and vivid images throughout his poems. Tennyson is also considered to be a master of poetic rhythm. Unlike Tennyson, Simon Armitage a poet of the modern era, studied the effects of television violence on young offenders, and later worked as a probation officer. This was a job in which had great influence on many of the poems from his first collection. In a similar way Stevie Smith whose father abandoned his family and mother died at a young age, expresses her own personal experiences through her writing, which consisted of a mix of deep sadness and sardonic amusement to illustrate her feelings about being oppressed by a patriarchal society. Very similarly, Gillian Clarke a modern day poet, born and raised in Wales recognises the contribution made by women to society and would like to see the work done by women valued as much as the work done by men. Her subjects are often about domestic matters and her work frequently reflects this. In contrast, William Butler Yeats, who is doubtlessly the most celebrated of all Irish poets, was deeply affected by the developing conflicts between the Irish rebels and English troops, later using his memories of conflict to create his own poetry.
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