Alfred M Green Rhetorical Analysis

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A Call to Fight Slavery has had its roots deep in the soil that is our American history, dating back to the 1600s in America. After fighting the revolutionary war and obtaining independence from Great Britain, America would soon face another nemesis- The Confederate forces. The Confederate forces or the Confederacy is the name given to the slave-holding states of America which were prominent in the 1800s amid the Civil War era. It started when southern states, in favor of slave labor, seceded from the Union after the election of a more liberal present, Abraham Lincoln who aimed for the abolition of slavery. This marked the beginning of the civil war that lasted approximately fourteen bloody years. For long, African Americans were not allowed to fight alongside their fellow white citizens due to a prejudice climate. In an attempt to recruit African Americans to join the Union Army, Alfred M. Green an African American man himself, used emotional appeal, historical context, and ethical appeal during his speech to create a convincing, and persuasive argument for a better future. By using specific language Alfred Green was able to make it a calling for his brethren to join. By using phrases such as it is “our duty” and “My country, right or wrong, I love thee still!” (5-8) he made the men feel inclined to fight. African Americans at the time, although isolated from the rest of the country, they held strong to their patriotic beliefs and would fight with all their hearts for
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