Alfred Nobel And The Nobel Peace Prize

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When the word “peace” comes to mind, one usually thinks about tranquility or absent from violence but when learning about Alfred Nobel, one learns that the products he invented were far from “peaceful” in some eyes. The Nobel Peace Prize was created because Nobel left in his will that his fortune was to be given as awards in the areas of: peace, chemistry, physiology, and literature. Alfred Nobel himself started with nothing and ended with a large fortune, and as for The Nobel Peace Prize, it has evolved over the last century into new ways no one saw occurring in the future. Alfred Nobel was born into bankruptcy in 1833 to Immanual Nobel and Andriette Ahlsell. According to Nils Ringertz, Alfred’s father was eventually able to provide a “first-class” education to his sons that taught them language, sciences, and literature. At the end of his academics, Nobel was particularly fascinated with English literature and poetry. His father was not pleased by his interests so he sent him overseas to study chemical engineering. In Paris, France, Nobel met and worked with Ascanio Sobrero, the chemist who had discovered nitroglycerin [a highly explosive substance]. Ringertz states that “Alfred Nobel became very interested in nitroglycerin and how it could be put to practical use in construction work,” with this new interest, Nobel took the chance with the substance and worked with it for years. In his experiments with nitroglycerin, many explosions occurred including one in 1864 that

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