Alfred Tennyson, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, and Essay

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Alfred Tennyson, Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell, and "In Memoriam"

Alfred Lord Tennyson was born August 6, 1809, at Somersby, Lincolnshire. He was the fourth of twelve children. As a boy he led a very miserable and unhappy life. In 1828 Tennyson entered Trinity college, Cambridge. The most important part of his experience there was his friendship with Arthur Henry Hallam, who was the son of a well known historian. Hallam encouraged and inspired Tennyson to write. Hallam died in 1833. Tennyson published poems in 1842 which proved to be a great success and secured his position as the foremost Victorian Poet. The year 1850 was important to Tennyson for two reasons: his marriage to Emily Sellwood and the publication of "In Memoriam" , his
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"Since boy hood Lyell had been an enthusiastic amateur entomologist, and now his interest has been aroused in Geology." (Boyer 564)

In July 1817 Lyell visited his fathers friend Turner at Yarmouth, Norfolk, where he studied the effects of the interaction of the Yare River with the sea in forming the delta on which Yarmouth stood. In March 1819 Lyell was elected to the geological society of London and in the same year to the linnean Society. He was also entered into Lincoln’s Inn where he began to study law. While Lyell was studying for his degree examinations at Oxford, his eyes began to give him extreme pain. He realized that his eyes could not sustain the intense reading that was needed for his legal studies. (Boyer 546)

In the summer of 1821 Lyell visited his old school at Sussex and became very curious about the geology of Sussex. In 1827 he finally left the legal profession and devoted himself to Geology. At this time he had already began to plan his chief work The principles of Geology. " This gives the keynote of the task to which Lyell devoted his life" (Boyer 568). In this book Lyell discusses his theory that shows that in the course of gradual changes, species after species of living creatures had become extinct through inability to adapt them selves to changed environments. The first volume of the Principles of Geology appeared in 1830, the

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