Alfredo Cuaron Biography

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Gravity is a Science -Fiction movie released in 2013. It is directed by Alfonso Cuaron and brought him an Oscar for best achievement in directing. Gravity also won many other Academy Awards including: best achievement in Cinematography, best achievement in Editing, Original Score, best achievement in Sound Editing, best achievement in Sound Mixing, best achievement in Visual Effects, best achievement in Production Design, Best Motion Picture of The Year, and Best Performance of the Leading Role Actress. By winning an Oscar for best directing Cuaron became the first Hispanic or Mexican to win an Academy Award for Best Director. Gravity takes place in present time at 372 miles away from earth in outer space where an astronaut and a medical…show more content…
He did not receivr his first camera until he was twelve, and when he did he started to record everything he saw. He did not want to go to the army so he went after another career which was directing. His first work that was related to the cinema was working as a cable person in “La Vispera (1982)”. His first job as director was in a short film called “Vengeance Is Mine (1983)”. His first job in the U.S. was directing an episode of “Fallen Angels (1993)”. Cuaron is famous because of movies such as Y Tu Mama Tambien, Children of Men, Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, and Gravity. He made Gravity at the height of his career as a director. Although this movie does not have many cast members, Cuaron’s phenomenal job brought many awards for this movie. Also, Cuaron was benefitting from big names such as George Clooney (leading actor), and Sandra Bullock (Leading actress) in his movie with helped him a lot in the Box Office, and getting audiences’ attention to this…show more content…
To make this movie as what we saw, the director and other crew members had to use two main techniques; first, Cuaron used many wide shots to show the location that the movie takes part. The whole time during the movie Earth is in the background which reminds the audience that the characters are in space. Second, the director used many special effects and CGIs to create an atmosphere that was as authentic as possible. The explosions, camera and characters’ movements, and equipment used in the movie were mostly using CGI and visual effects. The other feature that is obvious in Cuaron’s movies is that he loves long tracking shots. Long shots are one technique that he always has in all of his movies. If we watch Cuaron’s movies and compare them to each other, he is not the same person. For instance, the Cuaron who made Y Tu Mama is not the same Cuaron who made Gravity. He is more mature, more technical, and a better filmmaker than what he used to be; but long shots were, and still are, and I think will always be parts of his movies. In Gravity his long shots are more complicated. He was saying in his interview with “The New York Times” that he had to make animations of each scene before he could start shooting the scenes. There are not many cuts in the filming of Gravity because he felt it is not beautiful, and as I mentioned he loves single long shots which makes his movies very
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