Algae Population Decreasing

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The Possible causes of Algae Population Decreasing are Air pollution, Chemical contaminants, Population increase, Stormwater run-off. The main Cause of air pollution is cars, trucks, gas powered lawn tools, power plants, Etc… Air pollution not only hurts us but it hurts are ground and water. The main harm of air pollution is that all these sources are letting out nitrogen into the air, When it is in the air it can get into waterways or straight into Chesapeake bay. Chemical Contaminants is another big cause of algae decreasing, the main cause of this are dumping non-water substances into the bay. Examples being: Mercury, PCBs, PAHs, pesticides. Almost three-quarters of Chesapeake Bay Is covered in Chemical Contaminants. Another Cause of this it that Stormwater runoff, This happens when rainwater falls onto hard roofs, roads,…show more content…
For example: if algae or bay grasses died off, the Zooplankton Would loss population, then the Oysters would Loss population, then fish would loss population,Etc… To help keep this water clean you can clean up the bays around the bay, Walk to school or work, reduce waste, save energy, Etc… If you were to do these things over a long period of time it would eventually would make the bay safe and clean again. Past efforts to help clean up Chesapeake Bay: 1983: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed an agreement with the state of Maryland, the Commonwealths of Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the District of Columbia recognizing the need to act to clean up the Bay. 1987: The governments signed another agreement that required a 40 percent reduction in nutrient pollution to the Bay by 2000. 1992: The 1987 agreement was reaffirmed. 1998: CBF published the first "State of the Bay" report card on the Bay's health, grading it a 27 on a scale of
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