Algea Lab Report

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Effects Different Substances Has On the Growth of Algea Author: Christian Warren Oct. 19, 2017
In this lab report we will be gathering information over 14 days on the growth of an Ankistrodesmus culture solution. We will be using a Sodium Chloride solution for our pollutant and Alga-Gro as a fertilizer. The purpose of this experiment is to see what ratio is best for growing algea. Although we are testing the growth of algea we cannot see the growth ourselves so we use an instrument called a spectrophotometer. We will be using this instrument the day we mix our solutions as well as day 7, and day 14. As described in another report, Although many may not be aware, Backer states that “Algae [is] present in all aquatic environments” (Backer, L. 2015). Therefore, understanding them could lead to terrific scientific discoveries.
Will the Sodium Chloride solution have a positive or negative impact on the growth of Ankistrodesmus? Also, will in Alga-Gro have any impact on the algea with the pollutant inside as well?
In this experiment, we will be using the following; test tubes, test tube rack, scale (in Grams), beakers, spectrophotometer, scoopula, pipette, test tube vortexer, and of course the proper safety equipment.

Method First, we prepared a 500 mM Sodium Chloride solution to acquire 100ml. Importantly we dissolved this in an Alga-Gro solution instead of water. Next, we began to design our control tubes. We had

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