Algebra, Logical Thinking, Or Prerequisite For Future Courses Essay

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In order to understand what algebra is we must first look at a problem given to us understand what the problem is, question ourselves to what is given, and then realize the conditions that are presented which then helps us plan our strategy to solve a problem. This approach is useful not only in mathematics, but in other concepts such as in science. In algebra, logical thinking skills are used to make sense or make connections of a problem in order to find a solution. Mathematicians create universal analogies to certain topics. For instance, while students might use numbers as tools, they seek to discover how much there is to know about this world. Even the simplest observations one might make about this world might even turn to be directly analogous to at least some aspects of the real world. According to the Mathematical Association of America, algebra is considered to be the “first subject where students develop logical thinking” (2012). For mathematicians, algebra is considered the basics or prerequisite for future courses such as pre-calculus, geometry, calculus, linear algebra, statistics, and advance mathematical courses. Moreover, algebra is known to be a part of mathematics that includes general letters and symbols to represent numbers that can be formulated and found by solving equations. Some students fail to build a solid foundation in mathematics which is why they are unprepared for college and for work. As future math teachers, we must encourage students to

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