Algernon Monologues

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May 23 Like any other day I went to see Algernon. I visit him occasionally and today I saw him running his wheel really fast. He was doing this to get the cheese hanging in the top. Usually it takes him about 5 minutes to get the cheese but today it took him like 3 minutes. I can infer the mouse is getting smarter.
May 24 Burt, who is in charge of the experimental animals, tells me Algernon is changing. He is very cooperative; he runs the maze more often; general motivation has increased. Also he has been eating a lot of cheese. Everyone is happy with the results.
May 25 They been feeding Algernon lots of food and now he's doing a lot more of the shifting- lock problem. Everyone identifies me with Algernon. In a way we’re both the first of
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