Ali Bab A Great Leader

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Once Upon a time there was a gentleman named Ali Baba who was a very timid man. He had long brown curly hair with light brown eyes and was anti social. Ali Baba did not get out of the house much because he was not comfortable being around many people. Throughout his childhood, his parents constantly nagged him to go out and meet new friends. Ali Baba had a little sister named Luci, who was ten years younger. Luci had a great personality and was very out going. Although their differences were great Ali and Lucy had a close relationship. When Ali Baba was fifteen years old, his parents were killed in an accident leaving the two siblings alone. Since the loss of their parents, Ali Baba and Luci have been in and out of foster homes never…show more content…
He lives in the apartment overlooking the diner and has a little dog. Ali Baba likes Jon Jon but at times fears him.
One day, Kevin was walking past a nearby coffee shop after his late night shift at work. The coffee shop was empty and was about to close. He walked in and got his usual caramel tea. While he was waiting for his tea three beautiful young girls walked in. They looked like they were about thirteen years old. They all had long blond luxurious hair. As they were paying for their drinks he quickly got in his car and parked in front of the coffee shop. He stayed outside the coffee shop waiting for the girls to come out. As soon as they walked out of the coffee shop he ran out, grabbed the girls, and forced them into his car. The girls were screaming frantically, Kevin pulled over and reached for the chloroform from the glove box, he soaked a towel and put it over their nose and mouth, the girls passed out.
Kevin brought the girls to the grocery store where there were two storage rooms, he put them in the one that was barely used and he sound proofed it using materials from the grocery store. He went upstairs and grabbed some food so when they woke up they would have something to eat. He waited until they woke up and forced them to eat. Kevin then waited for them to eat and went back to his apartment.
Early the next morning, Ali Baba gets up does his usually walk around town. He stops at the

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