Alias Grace: Point of View, Characterization and Title

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Alias Grace: Point of View, Characterization and Title Rhys Sutter English Language Arts 30 AP Miss Strueby March 26, 2012 Alias Grace, written by Margaret Atwood, is a well-written novel filled with many components that enhance the theme and the story as a whole. Atwood reveals the story of Grace Marks to the reader in a variety of ways, including various points of view. This allows the author to reveal the character of Grace Marks in many different layers based on the accounts of others and Grace herself. Atwood also characterizes…show more content…
It takes awhile for her to open up to Dr. Jordan, but eventually she begins to tell her story, in what seems to be an honest manner. Although it may appear as though Grace is revealing her entire story, Atwood informs the reader that Grace is a secretive person by writing, “I was always very careful about keeping the secrets of others, no matter what they might be” (Atwood 125). This approach adds to the characterization of Grace as a patch-work person because she is leaving out important parts of her story in order to protect herself and others. As a result, the reader is left having to interpret the information they hear from Grace, Dr. Jordan and society, and piece it together to get a true picture of Grace Marks. Is she a murderer or a wrongfully accused person? All these factors make Grace Marks an unreliable narrator due to the ambiguity and secretive qualities of her character and add to the theme of searching for the truth. The significance of the novel’s title Alias Grace is a fitting title for such a mysterious novel. Alias is defined as a false name used to conceal one’s identity. This definition can be best applied to Grace Marks’ overall character. She is a vault waiting to be cracked, but due to her secretive and refined nature, she is unwilling to reveal her true self. Grace effectively uses the alias of Mary Whitney to hide who she truly is. Mary Whitney acts as a role model for Grace, which is exemplified when Grace

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