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Brief History. Alibaba cooperation is a global wide Internet company founded by Jack Ma, Chinese name Ma Yun.Although Alibaba was founded in 1999, the story of how the company came to be actually dates back to 1995, when Jack Ma was on a trip to the U.S. and first became exposed to the Internet. As the story goes, he tried searching for the word "beer" on Yahoo but the search results did not turn up a single Chinese option. In fact, he could hardly find anything about China on the Internet at all. After returning home, he founded a company called China Pages - a directory of various Chinese companies looking for customers abroad. China Pages was a flop. But a few years later, Ma took another stab at an
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The Partnership has the exclusive right to nominate a simple majority of the members of Alibaba's board of directors, subject to shareholders' approval. If the director nominee from Alibaba Partnership is not elected by the shareholders, the Partnership has the right to appoint a different person to serve as an interim director until the next scheduled annual general meeting. The Alibaba Partnership elects new partners annually after a nomination process whereby existing partners propose candidates to the partnership committee. The partnership committee reviews the nominations and determines whether the nomination of a candidate will be proposed to the entire partnership for election. Election of new partners requires the approval of at least 75% of all of the partners.[Alibaba group Web]
The Alibaba Culture and Value A company’s culture and value is well connected with the founder, Jack Ma is transforming his personal value and ethic into Alibaba, which cause Alibaba group strong cohesion. The Alibaba culure is about championing small business (means there are not difficulties on small business operating). Alibaba operate an ecosystem where all participants- consumers, mechants third-party service providers and
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