Alice And The Video Games

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Alice and the Video Games Alice, an ignorant little girl from Alice and the Wonderland tumbled down the rabbit hole into a world of meaninglessness (IMDb); today, proponents of banning violent video games are following Alice, stumbling over themselves into a pitfall of a lack of substantial evidence and reasoning. An exemplary example of such a proponent is Eric Roberts, the uncredentialed author of the article “Violent Video Games Produce Violent Behavior in Our Nation’s Youth and Should Be Banned”. On top of making groundless claims against violent video games, Roberts lumps in unrelated elements simply to appeal to pathos and vainly attempts to reel in his far-fetched conclusions using a plethora of fallacies to back up his…show more content…
In the latter half of his first argument, Roberts boldly claims “Violent video games equate to violent behavior, especially in children whose brains are not fully formed yet” and “a game rated MA (Mature) doesn’t stop a kid from playing it,” yet there is utterly no evidence supporting these poor claims. In reality,according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board’s official website, a majority of parents check the video game rating before purchasing it for their child (ESRB). Robert draws a hasty generalization in hopes that readers will gloss over such details and ignorantly agree with Robert’s meaningless and false claims.
A vast majority of Robert’s argument is based around women being portrayed as helpless victims or sexual objects. Drawing on sympathetic feelings, Robert equates violent video games to sexual ones and generalizes them as a whole. While attempting to indirectly attack violent video games, he utilizes the straw man fallacy to prey on a vaguely associated, weaker target: sexual video games. He criticizes these sexual games to coerce compassionate support, a mere gaudy bauble for naive readers to blindly listen to Robert’s argument. In fact, Roberts gives absolutely no evidence to state any link between violent and sexual video games, much less a link between how sexual video games translate into sexist or aggressive behavior in the modern world. Rather,
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