Alice Hated Imperfect, Sloppy Looking Reports More Than She Hated

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Alice hated imperfect, sloppy looking reports more than she hated lateness. The idea of a misspelling, or an incorrect photo, a missing chart, or God-forbid an incorrect color scheme—that would send her into a frenzy. So much so, she would stay up all night on her stylish, albeit uncomfortable sofa, with her laptop neatly placed on her legs working on her report until every single detail was exactly the way she envisioned it.
When it come to her work, Alice wouldn’t except anything less than perfect. Although this didn’t spill into all areas of her life (her apartment was always a mess with laundry pilled high for weeks on end, and she always took days to reply to non-work related texts), but it was exactly this striving for flawlessness
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Max doesn’t know why Alice works so hard, admittedly she has a good job that isn’t easy to come by, but she doesn’t earn commission on the properties, and that’s where the money is made. He also doesn’t completely understand why instead of having an alcohol infused night out (with the added potential to meet the love of her life), Alice will spend the night working on a report just to give to Cameron. Max doesn’t push her further on the matter because Alice will say the same thing; that Cameron is going to be a partner soon, and then she’ll get a promotion and the commission will be rolling in, but Max knows that’s not solely the case. It’s true that Cameron is intended to make partner, and Alice will be in line for a promotion, but her relationship with Cameron is somewhat complicated. On the surface its simple—Alice and Cameron are two friends that work together and have known each other since college (a now distance memory). Alice dated Cameron’s roommate for 4 years and he was the one to introduce them. They appear to others like close friends, relatives even. Cameron has said that Alice is like his sister to others, though he might not say it to Alice for fear of pushing her away, and Alice would never imply that Cameron is like a brother because that would rule out any romantic involvement between them. It isn’t crazy that
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