Alice In Quantumland 2014

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Alice in Quantumland, speaks about a law of the quantum world, which shows that electrons have no distinguishing features except for their spin. This law being all electrons are identical, except that some spin-up, whereas others spin-down. The electrons even spin at the same speed. This allows them to interact harmoniously with each other and to find pairs within their space based only on each other 's spins. In the novel, Alice noted that nearby was another similar looking figure to the electron, to which the new acquaintance explained was a different electron. In the story, this principle is illustrated by some electron-beings carrying umbrellas which are either pointed up, and some electron-beings carrying their umbrellas pointed…show more content…
The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle states that no particle can have “well-defined” clear values for both position and speed; consequently, no particle can be stationary because any stationary particle would have a clearly defined speed value of zero. In the analogy presented by Gilmore, electrons are able to obtain loans of energy from their local bank, allowing them to exist. The energy they are loaned becomes their rest mass energy. This principle, perhaps, is the most difficult to compare to the macro world. The idea that there exists a quantity or measurement--for lack of a better word--that cannot be measured is difficult to reconcile with the average human mind. Though there exist equal realms of ambiguity and no definite in the macro world, such as justice and legality, or emotion and rationality (as provided by Gilmore), the notion of an immeasurable quantity is one many cannot grasp. This places the Heisenberg uncertainty Principle most at odds with the macro world, as in the real world, humans go about their existence with definite: For example, the bus will arrive to take a man to work at 09:05; a day is 24 hours long, America gained its independence in the year 1776, and there are 8 periods in our school day. That is to say, humans take solace in the definite of numbers--as a source of definite when all else is seemingly variable and perhaps even more so when everything

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