Alice In Wonderland Analysis

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Marriage has not always been about love. All throughout history, women were uprooted from their normal lives and forced into loveless relationships as ways to provide their family money or power. This is the starting for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a young woman who is proposed by Hamish, the son of Lord Ascot, per her mother’s request. After running away from the proposal, Alice falls down a rabbit hole into Underland where she meets some peculiar characters. Told that she must kill the Jabberwocky as it has been foretold, Alice runs from her destiny only to realize that she must do something to protect her friends and the place she dreamed of so long ago. After killing the Jabberwocky, Alice returns to her to reject Hamish and start working for his father and travels the world. Alice is using her dream to solve her marriage problem so her subconscious is using characters that represents people or her inner conscious in the real world. The similarities between the real humans and problems in Alice’s world and the characters of Underland is closer than one may think. The iconic White Rabbit represent Alice’s mother as both lead them to a new situation that Alice does not like. Tweedledee and Tweedledum represents the confusion Alice is facing because although she does not want to get married, she does not want to be a burden to her family so in the dream, the twins points in different directions and try to match. They fight as if one is trying to silence the
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