Alice Munro 's Boys And Girls And Jamaica Kincaid 's Girl

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The narrative voice is intriguing when choosing a literacy technique when applied to Alice Munro 's “Boys and Girls” and Jamaica Kincaid 's “Girl” because it highlights the significance of women 's role during the 1960 's. The story of Boys and Girls is in third person narration describing an eleven- year old girl. This story was published in 1968, a time when the second wave of feminism movement occurred. This story gives information about adult gender roles. The setting of the story is in Canada during the winter. The narrator is living in a fox- breeding farm which correlates to the North American culture in the 1960 's. In the 1960 's, women were stereotyped as happy wives and mothers. In contrast, the society believed that unmarried…show more content…
In contrast, the eleven year old girl is describing how she is the enemy. The parental figures in her life were manipulative in ways that subject them to abiding by the society when it comes to the rules in the women gender. The narrator says, “ She was plotting now to get me to stay in the house more, although she knew I hated it and keep me from working for my father.(pg. 307) This statement is describing how important these roles were to the manipulative parental figures in her life. The father did not believe in the stereotypical women roles, which lead to him making her a hired man. During the winter, the family keeps and kills two horses to feed the foxes with horse meat. The name of the horses was Mack and Flora, which were a single female and male horse. Mack was the male horse who was characterized as a old black workhouse, sooty, and indifferent. (pg. 308) This statement describes how the stereotypical male in society should be like in the 1960 's. The male should have the characteristics of workhorse in the field of working in the 1960 's. Flora was a female who was characterized as an sorrel mare, a driver.(pg. 308) This statement describes how dominant she was a female horse. In contrast, the female women was not the dominant gender in the 1960 's , because of the limitations and lack of opportunities created by the predominantly gender of males. The narrator says, “ the word girl had formerly seemed to me
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