Alice Munro 's ' Walker Brothers Cowboy '

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As a child grows up, life unravels pieces of mysteries before them. Most children are ignorant to small clues that could provide insight to someone’s past. In Alice Munro’s “Walker Brothers Cowboy”, that is not the case. The observant daughter begins her initiation when she discovers clues about her father’s past that allowed her to see her him in a different light. Good specific Thesis. The daughter’s initiation begins when she gets the opportunity to go “selling for Walker Brothers” with her father and younger brother (Munro 2779). The daughter notices that they “are not turning in any more lanes”, which would indicate that her father’s route had been completed (Munro 2783). Yet, they were still “bouncing along through puddle-holes” in the opposite direction of their house (Munro 2783). After leaving their father’s selling territory, they finally pull up to an old farmhouse. The father “takes his time getting out of the car” and addresses the woman standing outside in the yard (Munro 2783). The woman recognizes the father and says, “‘Oh, my Lord God,’ she says harshly, ‘it’s you’” (Munro 2783). The woman, Nora, then leads them inside to greet her blind mother. Upon hearing the father, Ben’s, voice she was able to distinguish who he was. The old woman then states, “‘you haven’t been to see us in the longest time’” (Munro 2784). This statement is suspicious because the kids had no idea who these ladies were, but evidently their father had visited them before. Not only
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