Alice Munro's 'How I Met My Husband': An Analysis

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Edie falls in love with a pilot named Chris Watters who is unfortunately engaged to another woman, Alice Kelling. Eventually, Chris leaves the community in which Edie and Alice both reside, promising to write to her although he never does. Through a twist of events, the mailman believes that Edie is enamored of him and that is why she waits for the mail with baited breath every day and she agrees to marry him, never letting on the real reason for her devotedness to the letter box. What makes the story so interesting is Munro's characterizations of the two female love interests, the theme of misconception and misunderstanding, and her use of irony. Edie is very young and her youth is what makes her so naïve. She fully believes that Chris Watters is in love with her because she is in love with him. The fact that he is already engaged to another only adds to her romantic image of them as star-crossed lovers (Miller 1984, page 109). Edie is as open and sweet as many young women are the first time they experience romance and her untainted spirit is used to illustrate her story to every woman who might see themselves in her story. She is compared by Chris and the reader to his fiancée Alice who comes off far worse for the comparison. What little information is given on the woman is gleaned from her interaction with…
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