Alice Paul And The Quaker Family

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Alice Paul My name is Alice Paul and I was born January 11, 1885 in Moorestown, New Jersey. I am the oldest of four children, and belong to a Quaker family. The Quaker values that were taught to me as a child will carry into my adult years and my work. The Quakers believed in equality, which became a criterion that guided me through the rest of my life. Along with gender equality, the Quakers believe in the need to work for the betterment of society the importance of staying close to nature, and that all humans are worthy of respect. Some of my fellow suffragists came from a Quaker background, including Sarah and Angelina Grimke, Lucretia Mott, and Susan B. Anthony.
When I was a child, my mother would take me to suffrage meetings, and there was where I found my passion. I believe that women and men should be treated as equals, and this starts with the women’s right to vote. At age sixteen, I entered Swarthmore College, and was at the top of my class. Because of my hard work in the political and economic curriculum, I earned a fellowship to the New York school of Philanthropy. In 1907, I earned my Master’s degree in sociology from the University of Pennsylvania. Then, I decided to travel to England to work on another fellowship, social work. I eventually lost interest, and I became a “heart and soul convert” of the Women’s Social and Political union in 1909. They were known as the most radical suffrage group in Britain. They were sometimes arrested for their violent…
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