Alice Paul: Women's Rights Activist

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Alice Paul was a women’s rights activist during the 1900’s and she became the official advocate for women’s suffrage, or the right for women to vote, through the NAWSA as well as other ways (Katherine H. Adams and Michael L. Keene, 1). In her young life, Alice Paul had already accomplished so much more than many other women who had also fought towards women’s suffrage before her. Alice Paul was a radical figure for the women in her day and is still a radical figure for present day women (Siegel, 1). Alice Paul worked to bring suffrage, or the right to vote, to all women in the United States of America (Siegel, 1). She dedicated most of her life towards the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment or the Suffrage Amendment (Siegel, 1). Alice Paul, an activist…show more content…
During Alice Paul’s fight for women’s suffrage, she was unjustly sent to jail and endured horrid prison conditions and unbearable treatment from the police that handled her and the other protestors. Alice Paul was arrested and jailed during multiple, completely legal protests. On July 14, 1917, Alice Paul led a march with ninety-six other women who were members of the National Women’s Party. This march was set up legally to bring attention to the fight for women’s suffrage in the United States of America. The protestors marched to the gates of the White House during Woodrow Wilson’s early days as president, where the police arrested them for obstructing traffic. Since the protest was legal, the
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