Alice Saddy Association : Case Study

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The case revolves around the ‘Alice Saddy Association’ which is a non-profit agency in London, Ontario. The association was formed to help people with developmental disabilities live independently in their own apartments instead of living in group homes. The association consisted of support service managers and support workers who helped the people who needed support. Ken MacLellan is the executive director of the association, who is facing some concerns raised by the workers about the growing size of the company and its organization structure. He promises to the workers that he would respond to the issues raised but is also worried that the Management would resist any such changes considering it a threat to the current system.
The association was named after Alice Saddy, who was known for her volunteer work in London , Ontario in assisting people with disabilities. It was after this that the ‘Apartment training program’ for helping such people was formed, which ultimately became the Alice Saddy Association. They believed in their statement of philosophy that says “ The Alice Saddy association believes that all persons have the right to be respected as valued members of their community and society in general”. They opened their first group home in 1973.The group home discontinued in 1989 and the staff grew from around 37 employees in 1999 to around 96 by end of 2007.
• Improper time management: MacLellan

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