Alice Saddy : Caring For The Community

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Alice Saddy: Caring For the Community Case Study Darryn Sydnor
The Alice Saddy Caring for the Community a non-profit agency located in London, Ontario, was established to support individuals with developmental disabilities by assisting them to live independently rather than an in a group home. Via various programs and services offered by the association, they provided opportunities for individual with developmental disabilities to become active, “contributing members of the community”. As a nonprofit, community-based organization, the Alice Saddy Association is committed to promoting independence and building an inclusive community where all individuals with disabilities can lead full and gratifying lives.
During a
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Main Issues/Challenges:
As the company continues to grow at a tremendous rate, the organizational structure became more complicated for the managers to maintain. Additionally, the Association is unsure of how to deal with the growth, and continue to preserve their company philosophy of “people supported first” at the same time. When the company was small their informal way managing the support service was a great fit, however, with more people constantly being supported, a more structural way of overseeing the expanding support service infrastructure needed to be established.
• The association philosophy, “people supported first”, forced the organizational structure to be one that works for the benefit of the people it supports. Their structure is very informal. Every time an individual supported needed a change or a person supported was added to the Association the whole team would adjust so that the person supported had the best supporter for their needs.
• Inability of supervisors to adequately provide for clients without putting them at risk brought on when the number of risk clients are steadily rising
• Managerial problems due to absence of successful correspondence causing communication breakdown issues. Additionally no feedback when individuals expanded or transferred to another support manager.
• Working with high-needs individuals
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