Alice Saddy Case Study

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Alice Saddy Case Study

1. Abstract

The individual case managers, support workers and human resources manager working at the Alice Saddy Association which is a non-profit organization London and Ontario supporting people with developmental disabilities who were living individually rather than in group houses informed the executive director that the employees thought the present business structure triggered confusion, slowed down decision making ability and endangered all everyone involved with Alice Saddy. The director agreed that there has been some problems connected with Alice Saddy’s organization structure. However he is concerned about mission of the organization and the changes were likely to end up being opposed by the management
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And once a new person supported was taken on-board, the support service supervisor selects a team which would support the individual, and the support workers working in the team can report to any of the case managers. A support worker would report to one particular case manager for performance appraisal purpose, but can work on any of the teams under any of the case managers. Thus initially, this structure was successful, as it reduced the work load and burnout, by making the support workers spend less time on each case, thus accommodating vacations and sick coverage. But as the organization grew and more cases were taken on-board, it became more challenging as each support worker was working for many case managers and ended up working more hours, and support workers’ performance appraisal, scheduling was impacted. Thus this cross-reporting structure impacted the employees and organization. Multiple managers, conflicting policies and procedures, and contradictory loyalties can often lead to ineffective management. Conflicts may occur between team managers, who are forced to compete for the time of the individual team members and leads to operational inefficiency and increased costs.

4. Recommendations for further action

At the regular human resources committee meeting, the support workers shared with Wolcott who is organization’s human resources manager, their concerns about current organizational structure. They believe that such a structure caused

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