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Alice Saddy: * External & Internal Design (more internal then external) – looking at crises and causes * Very little external analysis (no porter, vrine, swot) – confusing reporting relationships, not able to deal w/stress of…supervision problems, span of control issues,

* Staff: ability of supervisors to ensure, without putting clients at risk, that they are properly looked after. Strong pressure and amount of quality of care needed because of risk clients are put at is rising. * By product, by process, by customer, by geography? * Try to present alternatives in org. charts – ex. reporting vertical, horizontal, supervision, staffing requirements * 12 pgs, single spaced * PAGE NUMBERS! Have enough white
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* Less informal communication proved challenging with more people supported, more managers, and more support workers.

4. Evaluate decisions making process: * Support workers worked fairly independently (especially on evening and weekend when support service managers were not always available to consult). Therefore, required professional judgement, attention to detail, strong communication skills, experience working with people and developmental disabilities. * Managers were required to manage case-load of people supported, manage a group of support workers performance, and act as support worker in field. To the support workers who reported to them, the manager would provide, coaching, evaluations, scheduling, training, etc. The performance evaluation process was ongoing, meeting ever 6-8 weeks to discuss performance and needs of supported. Evaluations used when deciding to move a worker from part-time to full-time. * When a new person was taken on by the agency, the supervisor of support services conducted a needs assessment. They were then assigned by the supervisor to a case manager based on current case-loads and skills of manager. Independent of the case managers choice, a team of support workers are assigned to the person support by the supervisor. The support
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