Alice Walker Everyday Use Analysis

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In her short story “Everyday Use” Alice Walker addresses the divide in understanding heritage and tradition. Most of the characters in this short story seem to be trying to model or relate themselves to their ancestors. Although the characters believe they are in touch with their heritage they all have different views and understandings about where they come from. While some people may think Dee has no cultural views in the last scene when she says Mama and Maggie don’t understand their heritage it became clear that Dee is relating to her traditions different from her mother and sister. Alice walker depicts the importance of understanding heritage in her short story “Everyday Use” by using many different elements within the story like point of views, theme, and settings.
The short story is told from Mama’s point of view. In doing this, I think Walker created a very bias tone. Also, by having Mama narrate the story Walker gives the reader a direct look at where Dee and Maggie comes from and what their heritage is. Once Mama describes herself and her living conditions it sets the tone for what kind of rural traditions we are dealing with. From the beginning when she speaks about Dee leaving home, going off to school and returning trying to force her new views of the world on herself and Maggie you understand that Dee is going above the normal traditions in her culture. The reader is being told the story from the point of view of a person who favors Maggie over Dee so naturally
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