Alice Walker 's The Novel ' The Color Purple ' By Alice Walkers

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Many times when we read a personal essay, we tend to not pay attention to the little

details and instead go for what we believe is the "main point”. Similar and familiar settings of

the author personal life and fictional characters in both short stories written by, Alice Walkers,

titled “The Flowers” and “Roselily”. “Alice Malsenoir Walker (Walker) is an award winning

novelist, poet and feminist…” stated by, “Editors Biblograpghy” who also announced:

“…Alice Walker is one of todays most prized African-American working writer.

Currently, she’s best known for her Pulitzers prize winning novel “The Color Purple”.


Walker is the youngest daughter of eight children to her parents, married couple which occupied

the positions as a sharecropper and maid. Her mother worked as a maid to help support the

family 's eight children. Alice was raised in a racist and poverty stricken environment, which,

along has instated her passion that formed around gender issues, and is displayed throughout her

a vase part of her narrative.

When Walker was eight years old, she suffered a serious eye injury during a childhood

game of Cowboys and Indians resulting in serious self- esteem issues.

After the incident, Walker extracted from the world around her. Through her insecurity that

followed her injury she found security in reading and writing poetry. Alice speaks to interviewer

John O’ Brien published in 1973, regarding the aftermath of her incident…

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