Alice Walker's 'The Welcome Table': An Analysis

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The Welcome Table: An Analysis In the short story, The Welcome Table by Alice Walker, the theme is about one's faith is stronger than one's circumstances. Clugston constantly reminds the reader that the plot tells one what happens in the story, but the theme tells one what the story is about (7.1). While this distinction might be hazy for some readers, essentially Clugston is alluding to the fact that the theme of a story is the deeper meaning of message that the author is trying to construct. It would be boring to read a story where they author creates characters that openly discuss the theme in plain black and white language. Rather, Walker, by creating fascinating and intriguing fictional characters who are thrown into imagined lives that best embody the theme, the reader can almost more memorably appreciate the theme and the related concepts. Walker also demonstrates that time has not swept aside the issues of racism (Bates, 59). Numerous literary elements are used by Walker to showcase how one's faith is stronger and more immediate than one's circumstances. Walker does this most aptly in her meticulous description of the old woman, through the use of character, metaphor and simile: "She was angular and lean and the color of poor gray Georgia earth, beaten by kingcotton and the extreme weather. Her elbows were wrinkled and thick, the skin ashenbut durable, like the bark of old pines. On her face centuries were folded into thecircles around one eye, while around the

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