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1. How would you characterize Alice? Based on the novel Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, Alice, the heroine of the story is a curious, imaginative, strong- willed, and honest young English girl. Her adventures begin when she falls asleep by the side of a stream in a meadow and dreams that she follows a White Rabbit down his hole. Her curiosity has made her ventured the world she never been before, entered each doors that she able to open, she even trying hardly to figured out how to open the doors she couldn’t opened. She also curious about the food and drink she’d found in her journey, she always ate and drank beverages she’d never known just to figure out what its taste or what it’s used for. Her imagination take her to try to…show more content…
That’s why all the parents more concerned about their children’s education. The cost of education could not count up as a cheap cost that parents should paid. Unlike in our parents’ time that there were several schools which take no tuition, right now not only the private schools which took high tuition to pay, the public school also take quite high-priced tuition. Not satisfied enough with the formal education their children had in a proper school, most of the parents also didn’t objected to spent more money to have their children joined in so many courses institute that spread all over in town so that their children could be competent enough. Parents are working so hard to fulfil their primary needs, they some times had to work extra time to earn extra money. But this makes them had less time to give more attention to their children’s development, especially teenagers that is in transition phase in searching their identity to being adults. The economic condition not only influences the teenagers in educational way, but also in their social community. It is shown when they hanging around with their friends, the teenagers that came from well-proper family sometime used to get better access to get in to any way, even better social community (in this case means friend). That seems to make a little gap in some teenage community. The economic condition, the days that filled by full-activity of studying

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