Alice 's Intake And Autobiography

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Alice 's Intake and Autobiography Client Name: Alice Therapist’s Name: Diane Porche Date of Birth: Unknown Intake Date: September 20, 2014 Identifying Information Age: Alice 25 years of age Gender: Female College student Marital Status: Single Race or ethnic information: unknown Occupation: Nurse Assistant Living Circumstance: presently living alone Referral source: Self-referral Reason for referral: Depression, and isolation Reason for Counseling Alice enters my office wanting to work on her anxiety and mood changes. There were some general goals aligned with her assessing a desire to be less anxious and to control sudden mood changes. She also stated she would like to turn her life around, but has no idea where to start. Alice notes she is not bleak. She has enough guts to leave a lot of her shady past behind and enrolled into college. Presenting Problem/Symptoms/History Alice notes of experiencing these symptoms since childhood. Alice states that people scare her, especially when she is around strong men. Alice reports feeling cold, sweaty, and troubling nervousness when around man who are attracted to her. She states she has an inferiority complex and knows how to put yourself down. Alice main concern is feeling equal with others and not always apologetic for her existence. She does not want to suffer from anxiety and guilt, and start thinking of herself as a good person. The client all as noted she 's loner,
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