Alice 's Journey Through Looking Glass World

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The Victorian Era was a time of great innovation and new idеas to voice their people on a variety of different subjects ranging from politics to social structure. Lewis Carroll, a popular authоr of the time, Through the looking Glass, which serves to help readers understand children. Children in the era were previously considered unimportant and empty-headed, but Carroll shows, through Alice’s interactions with various characters, how one could be much more intelligent and mature than adults of the time had thought. Carroll uses Alice to persuade readers that, if given the chance, children 's had a lot to offer. Specifically, he uses a plethora of caricatures, hyperbole, and puns to show how children are often more adult-like than adults themselves. Alice’s journey through looking-Glass world is guided by a set of rigidly constructed rules that guide her long her path to a preordained conclusion. Within the framework of the chase game, Alice has little control over the trajectory of her life, and outside forces influence her choices and actions. Carroll characterizes Alice as mature and intelligent , and in doing so argues that children 's have deeper insight than adults in the Victorian Era gave them credit for. He uses caricatures, metaphors and foils to highlight how clearly children’s see the world.

Lewis Carroll changed the meaning of life for the kids of Victorian Era , he gave readers one of the most amazing story of all time, a meaning of Victorian…
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