Alice 's Journey Through Wonderland

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Lewis Carroll’s classic children’s novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is fundamentally about the growth of the character of Alice. In the Victorian period 1837- 1901, there was a changes in children education and reflexively development of children literature. Therefore when writing Lewis Carroll attempts to put forth a form of education within the text. The story follows Alice who is a seven year old well-mannered victorian girl that stumbles through a rabbit hole into the magical world of Wonderland. Alice takes on the role of the audience viewing Wonderland and its strange inhabitants. It is through language in both conversations with herself and with the characters of wonderland that we see Alice’s journey through wonderland is representative of a child’s education into adulthood. Through Alice’s conversation with herself it becomes apparent that tension between Alice’s previous understanding of the world and the illogical world of Wonderland. Alice upon chasing a white rabbit down the rabbit hole finds herself in a hall which only has a small door in which she can not enter. Frustrated Alice looks upon a table on the hall, a bottle suddenly appears which tag reads, “Drink Me” (Carroll 13). Since Alice has learned that, “if you drink from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it will almost certainly disagree with you sooner or later” and she looks before drinking. (Carroll 14) Alice has come from a world that has a consistent rules and features, that contrasts with the
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