Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, written by an English author in 1865 under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, contains obscurities that leave people uncertain due to the nonsense. The novel holds many obscurities, such as a disappearing Cheshire Cat, a personified rabbit, and a caterpillar who smokes from a hookah. These characters hold a common feature of madness, yet the nonsense of this novel relates to the nonsense of Lowell High School, a public school that piles bricks of pressure on their students leading them to madness. Although, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland contains a series of puzzles that seem unsolvable, it symbolizes a strong foundation that helps Lowell High School ninth graders gain knowledge about surviving the competitive school. Out of the whimsical growth changes of Alice, a ninth grader learns to present themselves as their true self. In the novel, Alice grows and shrinks frequently; she finds this very confusing, especially when a talking Pigeon mistakes her for a serpent when she drinks potion that makes her neck longer. (Carroll, 34-35) When Alice eats, she grows and as she drinks, she shrinks. Alice feels uncomfortable in her skin and it frustrates her that she cannot achieve the right size. As Alice struggles to maintain a comfortable physical size, she does not realize that…
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