Alicia Appleman-Jurman was the Lone Survivor

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Alicia Appleman-Jurman grew up in the city of Buczacz, Poland. On September 1, 1938, Germany invaded Poland. This event was soon known as the blitzkrieg of September 1, 1939. When this event happened, Alicia was only a 9-year-old. During the Holocaust, Alicia was not only a child, but she was a young girl who survived, saved lives, and fought back, which was a very difficult task. Alicia had four brothers and two parents. Her brother Moshe was the first to die during the Holocaust. Moshe had been determined that he could help his family by going and getting an education that was being offered to students. While Moshe was at this “school,” Alicia and her family were receiving strange and cold letters from him. Moshe returned home a year later after he was forced to write what was written in those letters. A few weeks after Moshe returned home, the Russians began looking for him. After he Moshe was caught by the Russians, he was imprisoned and died due to hard labor. Alicia, her two older brothers, and her mother were forced to move into the worst section of Buczacz. When Alicia and her remaining family were in the ghetto, they were forced to wear white armbands with the Star of David. Alicia was told she could no longer go to school since they were in the ghetto. One of Alicia’s older brothers, Bunio, had disappeared one day while he was getting wood. Bunio had been “picked up” and transported to a slave camp called Borki Wielki, which was about 100 miles away from where

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