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Applied Skills to Human Services Unit 6 Assignment Romeo and Gladys Alicia Gioia Kaplan University Professor Jamie Sherman March 15, 2015 For the unit 6 assignment on case analysis, I will be conducting a case study on two clients. Case Study 1: Romeo The first client is Romeo. Romeo is a 19-year-old Hispanic male. He has numerous visible tattoos, piercings, and puckered scars. Romeo discloses that he attempted suicide twice during high school and lately has been feeling like he might try again. The last two times he tried, he bought some prescription drugs off of a local dealer in his neighborhood. Romeo has no job, is not in school, and is not close with his family. He is homeless and rotates between different…show more content…
Gladys reports that her husband pays all the bills and the only money she receives is a small weekly allowance for food and supplies for her and the girls. Case Analysis: Client Strengths: Gladys’s strengths are her need to protect her daughters, willingness to seek help, and speaking the truth. She has displayed this strength by seeking help and discussing her personal situation. Gladys knows what her husband is capable of and needs to protect her children. Ethical Considerations: Gladys has relayed her concern for the well being of her daughters, but has also said her husband’s violent tendencies have increased and are directed at her at the present time. Domestic violence is against the law, the authorities need to be informed. Cultural Considerations: Gladys and her family are Vietnamese, their culture is very different from American culture. The man is the head of the home and controls everything using violence as deemed fit. Women are taught as children to obey the man. HSP: What brings you in today? Gladys: My husband is violent and out of control. I fear for my daughters lives. HSP: Has your husband hurt your children? Gladys: Not yet. He usually hurts me. HSP: What do you do when he hurts you? Gladys: I cry. HSP: Do you have a safe place to take the children? Gladys: No. I have no friends or family here. Possible Interventions: The authorities need

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